Road Cycling Primer 102

Road Cycling is a beautiful but complicated sport. It is mechanical, technical, physical, and spiritual.

DomaneDisc_AR5Q0535_edit-LIGHTMany Neophyte Road cyclists struggle with finding the necessary skills and knowledge to move to more advanced level rides.
This series will help you with group rides, longer distances, and traffic comfort. We’ll give you tips on pedal stroke, bike handling, terrain tactics, and fueling. If you want to improve your overall skills to reach goals such as Charity rides, Gran-Fondo’s, Touring, or just keeping up with the more experienced riders, this is a class for you.
The course is open to novice riders with some cycling experience who have not taken this course previously.

Classes will be approximately 3.5 hours and will include ride lengths up to 30 kms.
** To participate, you will need a Road or hybrid bicycle in good condition with good tires and preferably with clip-less pedals or toe clips. A helmet and eye protection are not optional and must be worn by everyone. All participants must have a valid driver’s licence. You must carry a spare tube. You will be required to sign a waiver of liability before the first ride. **
The lessons will begin with a Meeting at Cyclepath South on Wednesday May 25, at 7:00 pm.

We’ll discuss our goals, plans, and expectations. On road lessons will commence on Sunday mornings May 28 at Sikome Lake, meeting at 8:30 am. Three more classes will be on June 4, June11, and June 18.
Cost for the series is $25 which will be changed to an in store credit upon completion of the course.

This Series is limited to 8 participants – To book your spot please call 403-253-7717 or stop by the Cyclepath South.

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